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Total Body Conditioning

When it comes to exercises for the entire body there are very few, if any, machines in a gym that give you the workout you’re looking for.

The best way to find different exercises for full body fitness is to get out of that gym and get active.

When trying to get fit and use your whole body in a work out there are some things that give better results then others.

Cross Country Skiing
Perhaps one of the best work outs for your entire body is cross country skiing. With the progress of roller blade like ski’s it’s no longer a winter only sport and provides an all-around aerobic workout for the entire body.

Each and every motion works your legs, core, chest, shoulders and back while burning between 600-900 calories per hour.

Learning from an instructor is paramount to getting a proper exercise in regards to this and by doing so you learn the proper way so that you don’t potentially pull something or hurt yourself.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing relies on quick bursts of energy to move you along the surface you’re climbing.

This is another one that requires some instruction at the start but once you get the hang of it be ready for a full body work out like no other.

It has very little cardio but you’ll build and maintain strength in your arms and legs, core and back as well as gain endurance.

Though not the best for building any additional muscle a few matches of tennis helps to tone the entire body. It’s a fantastic cardio work out and builds lower body strength while working out other core muscle groups.

The pivoting and twisting along with swing and serve all develop flexibility around your core while keeping you on your toes.

If you don’t have a partner to play with finding a building with a wall and playing against yourself is just as good a workout and with only two items needed it’s something you can take anywhere with you.

If you’re looking for something that works your upper body and core it doesn’t get much better then kayaking.

Pulling a paddle through water may not seem like much but you’ll find yourself working your arms, chest, back and core with each swing of the paddle. There isn’t much for your legs to do but your upper body will get the workout of it’s life time, great for folks who are avid joggers looking to spice things up for the upper body work.

So next time you find yourself getting bored with medicine ball squats with overhead lifts try to go outside. Find a friend or go by yourself and meet new friends in the process.

You don’t need to add more lunges with back rows to get your whole body involved, try rollerblading, hiking or swimming. There are many ways to get a full body fitness workout without sitting for hours at the gym and working each area individually.

Eating Healthy for Athletes

If you plan to exercise or play basketball hard for 90 minutes or more, the high intensity takes a lot of endurance. Therefore, you need a diet that can help you perform at your peak, build strength, sustain energy, and recover quickly afterward.

Although there are many foods and supplements on the market, packaged and processed items such as protein powders and meal replacement bars are not the answer. Healthy eats are the way to go because every meal and snack should provide natural nutrition on a consistent basis.

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