Common Basketball Injuries and their Treatment

Basketball is a popular sport that is played by millions of people all over the world. This game is so much fun because anybody can compete and it allows people to get exercise and have fun. Even though playing basketball is such a highly rated activity, the sport can cause injury to people when they are not playing the right way. There are a variety of injuries that can happen when people play basketball. The following information will reveal what they are and how to treat them.

Ankle Sprains

When people play basketball they will use their feet a lot during a game. When a game is played people make sharp turns, quick stops and sudden movements. The truth is our bodies were not meant for such treatment. If a person is not in good shape, chances are they can end doing damage to their ankles or feet.

Ankle sprains are probably the most common type of basketball injury that people experience when they play this game. People who do not wear good shoes or do not have strong calves and feet will probably suffer the most from ankle sprains. If a player receives an ankle sprain they can treat this injury in a number of ways.

Treatment for the sprain includes icing the area, bandaging it and then mobilizing the area. A person should also elevate their ankle as well and rest. In some instances, taking an X-ray might be necessary. Once a person can use their ankle again, they should perform some physical therapy exercises to strengthen this part of their body.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are another common type of basketball related injury. People who play basketball have a tendency to damage to their knees. When they do they can resolve this issue by using ice to reduce the swelling and then by bracing the knee. People should stay off their knee as much as possible until their injury has healed.

Jammed Fingertips

People in baseball have been known to jam their fingertips during a game. If this happens a player will be required to ice the affected area and use buddy tapping to help the injured area to heal. If pain persists in the injured fingertip then a person might have to get an X-ray to ensure that a bone has not been broken.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an injury usually happens to a basketball player because of all of the jumping and landing they have to do during a game. People who do not stretch out enough before or during a game tend to develop this type of injury. The best way to heal Achilles tendonitis is by icing the affected area, resting and using aspirin to relieve the pain. Rehabilitation might also be necessary for full treatment.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are another common type of basketball injury. This injury usually happens to people because they overwork their muscles. Compression, elevation, rest and icing the area should take care of any problem with pain. Injured should not used the injured part of their body until it is fully healed.

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